Heyman Talent Artists Agency

In 1989, Lynne Heyman opened Heyman Talent's first location in Cincinnati.
Her goal was to create a truly professional talent agency, based on a quality-driven approach to talent representation and client service.

Since then, Heyman Talent has evolved into a broad-based talent network, with offices in five locations. Under Lynne's guidance, Heyman agents in Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have developed close working relationships, strategizing throughout the day to share and expand job opportunities for our talent around the country, providing high quality auditions and submits to our local, regional, and national clients.

Early on, Lynne recognized the vast possibilities of the internet. Her vision was to create the most user-friendly, feature-rich talent agency website in the business.
In a few short years, HeymanTalent.com has become one of the most innovative and effective industry sites in the country, continually evolving to offer both clients and talent alike a highly interactive experience geared to helping them achieve their goals, while providing Heyman agents with the means to assure the highest level of service to our customers.

Founded on principles of ethics and integrity and proud of our reputation in the communities we serve around the nation, we remain committed to Heyman's long-standing tradition of giving back to those communities.
From encouraging our staff and our talent to bring in food, clothing, school supplies and toys for those less fortunate, to the charitable donations we proudly make throughout the year, we believe being a good citizen is as important as anything we do.

Quality service, professionalism, outstanding people, great relationships, and the tools to accomplish those goals quickly and efficiently - simply put, we love what we do, and our clients and talent tell us that passion is infectious.

Heyman Talent - proudly representing actors, models, and voice artists nationwide.