Children Under 5 Submission

All parents interested in receiving print and commercial opportunities can sign up for the Heyman Talent Children Under 5 Years Old Roster.
You are not required to have professional photos.

Children Under 5 Years Old Profiles Include:

  • Individual profiles for each child. All profiles are private and accessible to the parents and staff at Heyman Talent.
    Profiles are not visible to the public but will be used for submissions to photographers, directors, and agents.
  • We do not require professional photos for Kids Under 5 years old. You can add current digital photos and current sizes which you will be able to update as they grow and change physically.
  • Private access to projects requesting children under 5 years old. These are not posted to the general public or on social media.
  • Opportunities will come from ALL of the Heyman Talent offices (4 Locations)
  • No in-person meeting is required for children under 5.
  • A Web Fee of $35.00 a year for Children Under 5 years old is required.
  • All parents MUST agree to the Confidentiality Agreement & Privacy Policy before the profile is active.
  • Representation is NOT a guarantee for bookings.

If your child is under 5 years old but is a professional actor/model with a resume, please fill out the regular application under representation.

I have read and accept the Confidentiality Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

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