John French

John is an award winning Ohio based actor who brings a passion to not only his performance but also his work ethic. John has experience with Commercial, Industrial, Music Video, Documentary, both short and feature film productions. John's passion is in film. John's recent work on "A Father's Fight" has received a theater run as well as distribution for streaming and physical release later this summer. John has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the International Christian Film Festival for his portrayal of boxing trainer "Sal Burton". John has also won Best Actor at the Chicago Faith and Family Film Festival for this role earlier in the year. No mater what the role...John brings 100% to his performance. He loves what he does and knows that every performance has an impact on someone and that impression can certainly lead to other opportunities down the line. Bottom line: John loves to act!

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 175
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Shoe: 9
Suit: 42
Waist: 34
T-Shirt: M
Suit: 42 S
Neck Size: 17
Sleeve: 33
Inseam: 30
Chest: 42