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Make sure you complete all sections. You will receive a response via email either way within 2 weeks. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Open Calls
Presently there are no scheduled open calls. Please check back or follow on Instagram for announcements.

Recruitment Warning:
Please be aware there are individuals on the Internet who will claim to be representatives of Heyman Talent. If you are contacted by anyone who claims to be a representative of Heyman Talent, do not respond; call one of our offices directly. We are happy to assist you!

The Heyman Talent Agency considers the safety of our talent as top priority.
Be safe!

You should never pay to attend a casting.
You should never submit lingerie or nude photos.
You should never send banking or any financial information for a casting/booking via email.

**Please do not upload zip files, links to websites or social media platforms. We will not view these files.

MODELS - Professional Photos and Digitals

ACTORS - Headshot and Actors Resume

VO ARTISTS - Demos, Resume and List of Studio Equipment

MUA & STYLISTS - Samples of portfolio and resume

Children under 5 are not considered for the roster since they grow so quickly, requiring parents consistently invest in photos. Heyman Talent keeps an online address book for parents and when a project comes in, you will receive an email requesting updated information (such as photos, sizes, age, etc.)
Please email infocincinnati@heymantalent.com your full name, child's name, digitals and contact information! This list is shared with all offices so you may receive notifications from one of our locations.

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